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CV: Rohani Abdul Hamid (PhD)

Translator/Editor Resume: Rohani Abdul Hamid (PhD)

Samples of Writing Work

Samples of Editing Work

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Curriculum Vitae (CV): Rohani Abdul Hamid (PhD)

Rohani Abdul Hamid (PhD)

6B Jalan Teratai, PJU 6, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Telephone: 6016 694 6644 / 603 7727 7257 / 603 7722 3625
Facebook Page:

Rohani Abdul Hamid (PhD) is a highly qualified and experienced English-Malay writer, editor and translator. 

Her academic qualifications are as follows:
1.      Ph.D (English Language Teaching, Southampton University, 1995)
2.      M. Sc (English Language Teaching, Florida State University, Tallahassee, 1983)
3.      Education Diploma (ELT, University of Malaya, 1971)
4.      B.A. (hons, English and History, University of Malaya, 1970)

Rohani provides quick and quality writing, editing and translation services in both English and Malay for various genres such as professional journals, articles, product and services descriptions, speeches, reports, etc. All subjects are covered including those below:

·         Medicine
·         Agriculture
·         Banking
·         Law
·         Lifestyle
·         Official documents, birth certificates, etc

Rohani can help you and your organisation free your time and concentrate on your work by doing the writing for you. You only need to provide a general outline and research is undertaken will be undertaken for you. Requests for modifications and changes are attended to as the client’s wishes come first! Rates vary from USD35 – USD100 / RM150 – RM300 per page. Below is given a sampling of writing undertaken.
1.  Sports: Two speeches for YB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and FELDA Chairman for FELDA Rally 2006 for Wheel Sport Management sdn bhd
2. Education: - Two  Forewords for Minister of Education and Director-General and Education for Oxford Fajar, ‘From traditional to smart schools: The Malaysian Education Odyssey’
- Two speeches for Oxford Fajar for launch of ‘Memory Booster Series’
    - Two speeches for Oxford Fajar for launch of ‘From traditional to smart schools: The Malaysian  Education Odyssey’ for Book Launch
4.   Medicine: Two  forewords for Minister of Health and Director-General of Health for Oxford Fajar for ‘Mental Health Nursing’
 Two forewords for Minister of Health and Director-General of Health for Oxford Fajar for ‘Obstetric Nursing’

Rates: USD0.05 - USD0.10 / RM0.16 – 0.30 per source word.
Among texts translated are:
1.    Lifestyle:  ‘Meditation is for You’ Nithyananda Publishers: Bangalore.
2.    Bridal Exhibition-related Press Releases and Speeches for Life Publications, Nanyang Siang Pau newspaper, Mandarin/English (2 -3 times a year since 2009)
3.    Official documents: birth certificates, tax forms, etc, for those going overseas for work.
4.    Workplace conversations: Appen Pty Ltd, Chatswood, NSW, Australia         
5.    Engineering: Sai​nt-Gobain Surface Conditioning for JTS, Korea
     Bio-tech: 'Solat: Kebaikan dari Perspektif Sains' for Department of Bio-medical Science,   
     Engineering Faculty, UM, from Malay to English
6.    Medical: 3 Batches (230 articles) for BabyCenter (Msia) website, from English to Malay,  2009/2010
     Omron Blood glucose monitoring device (medical/advertising)
7. Law: (ICT) Warranty manual for Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers for JTS, Korea
8. Dictionary: Two  dictionaries for Oxford Fajar Publishers
    - Malay to English ‘Kamus Komprehensif Bahasa Melayu’
    - English to Malay ‘Kamus Dwibahasa Oxford Fajar’
   9. Agriculture: Course descriptions and various materials for the Malaysian Palm Oil Board
  10.  Business and Advertising: Various brief product descriptions and advertising materials and
        subtitles for Elite Translation Agency EE
   11.Human resource:  Percetakan Omega Employees Handbook 
   12. Banking & finance: - AmASEA. Brochure and Info sheet
         - CIMB MoneyGram Send and Receive Terms and Conditions
   13: Beauty – Skin care products for Elite Asia (Philippines)
   14. Entertainment:   3 episodes Korean documentary, Girls Generation, Kara (2) 
   15. Traditional healthcare: WORDPECKER products – (advertising)
   16. Retail trade:  EuropAce Warehouse Sales Brochure
   17. Hospitality Industry: Ramadan Dinner (restaurant advertising)

1.    Automotive: PPT Business Briefing Johnson Controls for JTS, Korea
2.    ICT: Computer Game ICT: The Sims 3 World Adventures for JTS, Korea

Rates: USD0.01 - USD0.02 per word. Rates: USD10 - USD12  /RM25 - RM35.
With Rohani’s editing, your document will be well put-together and easy to read, besides reflecting a high level of sophistication 
1.    Political science: Thesis for master’s degree in political science at UKM, ‘The Sulawesi Sea Dispute’ for staff member of the Royal Malaysian Navy
       ‘Multifunctional logistic support: Lessons learnt from Malaysia’s experience in HADR’ for
             PASOLS 2012 seminar in Perth, for staff member of the Royal Malaysian Navy 
 2.    Education: Thesis for master’s degree in TESL at UM ‘The teaching of English at Chinese Private Universities’ for Wanglan from China
          TESL: Book, Oxford Fajar, ‘UiTM English for you’, Evaluation and content editing. 
 3.    Commodities: Malaysian Palm Oil Board:
  - ‘Malaysian Palm Oil Sustainability Manual’
  -  Course Descriptions for Courses conducted by the Malaysian Oil Palm Board.
   - Annual Research Review for 2010
4.    Medical field: Heart Rate Variability during Autonomic Function Test as Early Detection Tool for Autonomic Dysfunction by Noor Aimie Salleh1, Malarvili Balakrishnan1, Tech U Malaysia
           Abstract submissions (182) for the Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal supplement.
5.    Retail Trade: Hongkong Drinks Advertisement (Black) for Elite Translation Agency
6.    Hospitality Industry: Hongkong Drinks Advertisement (Black)

Available Upon Request.