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Have you been hampered from getting ahead because of poor English? Worry no more!

FUTURE ASPIRATION Sdn Bhd is here to help you get ahead in your career and in life.

At FUTURE ASPIRATION Sdn Bhd, we offer courses to cater to different learner profiles. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or a fresh graduate about to enter the world of work, or a student going for higher studies, we have the right programme to help you achieve your life dreams.

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About Us

Incorporated in 2007 out of the dreams and vision of a group of educationists, FUTURE ASPIRATION Sdn Bhd is an English-Malay specialist agency devoted to workplace English language training and business communication. In our perpetual quest to help corporations achieve a global advantage, we not only undertake professional upgrading of staff, but also provide writing, editing and translation services for both English and Malay. Help us help you and your organisation grow by projecting the right image with good English and Malay business communication.

You can rest assure that you get the best in English competency training with FUTURE ASPIRATION Sdn Bhd. We, who are experts in programme design, can customise a programme to suit your specific needs. Our training modules are painstakingly developed for such a purpose.

The Director, Dr Rohani Abdul Hamid is a curriculum and language expert, formerly Deputy Director of the Curriculum Development Centre, Ministry of Education (MOE) with over 20 years experience in developing language programmes. She has served as an education consultant in Indonesia and Timor Leste prior to becoming a trainer in workplace communication besides providing writing and translation services for both English and Malay.

Future Aspiration has a number of associate members, who are experienced and highly qualified. A good number of them possess masters' degrees, and have taught in schools as well as served in the ministry of education in matters pertaining to language programmes, examinations and teacher training. A few have also worked in industry, such that there is a good mix of educationists and those with experience of serving in the private sector.

Among courses offered by FUTURE ASPIRATION Sdn Bhd are:

1. Basic Communication

2. Business English

3. Speaking with the Right Accent

4. Workplace Writing – Business Letters and Reports

5. IELTS Preparation

6. CV Writing and Preparing for Interviews

If the above listing does not answer your language needs, we can customise a course to meet your specific requirements. Just tell us your objectives and emphases and we will tailor-make a course for you. Because we are programme design experts, we can whip up a customised course in no time at all. Our modules are original and localised to fit the Malaysian work world.

Ask us about our writing, editing and translation services! 

Writing. Yes, we go the extra mile to help you with writing your documents. Just give us the bare outline and we will undertake research to flesh out the details of the topic and produce your paper, report, speech. etc.

Editing. Or have you written a report but are unsure of its quality? Let us work your documents over and shape until it shines and delivers the right impact.

Translations. We help you avoid embarassing mistakes in translations as we undertake translation work for various types of texts, such as websites, manuals, proposals, press statements, product descriptions, etc.

Services and Rates (Writing, Editing, Translation)

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