Achieve Your Life Dreams with the Right Programme from THE English Language Experts & Trainers


Have you been hampered from getting ahead because of poor English? Worry no more!

FUTURE ASPIRATION Sdn Bhd is here to help you get ahead in your career and in life.

At FUTURE ASPIRATION Sdn Bhd, we offer courses to cater to different learner profiles. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or a fresh graduate about to enter the world of work, or a student going for higher studies, we have the right programme to help you achieve your life dreams.

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Among courses offered by FUTURE ASPIRATION Sdn Bhd are:

1. Basic Communication

2. Business English

3. Speaking with the Right Accent

4. Workplace Writing – Business Letters and Reports

5. IELTS Preparation

6. CV Writing and Preparing for Interviews

7. If the above listing does not answer your language needs, we can customise a course to meet your specific requirements. Just tell us your objectives and emphases and we will tailor-make a course for you. Because we are programme design experts, we can whip up a customised course in no time at all.

Our modules are original and localised to fit the Malaysian work world.


Description of Courses

1. Basic English communication (30 hours). If you’re a receptionist, sales staff, factory operator and the like, this course will be the stepping stone for you to make the leap forward to a better job. You will gain competencies to be able to more effectively manage customers, answer phone calls and follow work instructions. You will be fluent at reading simple manuals and English newspapers, describe company products, respond to questions and write simple notes and messages.

2. Business English (40 hours). This course is meant to help business executives handle the communicative demands of the workplace competently. You will be able to carry on conversations and discussions using the right accent. You will be able to deal with inquiries, handle business correspondence, give verbal and written reports, formal presentations, and participate in meetings and negotiations. In addition, you will be able to understand technical texts and write technical reports effectively.

3. Speaking with the Right Accent (12 hours). This course is  meant for those who seek to enhance their professional image through proper speech. We train participants to get rid of their Malaysian accent as well as the tendency to speak ungrammatical English. You will learn rules of pronunciation and intonation and will be given lots of practice in speaking with an international accent so as to be understood and you will be coached to understand various English accents as well.

4. Workplace Writing – Business Letters and Reports (20 hours). This course is for managers who want their letters and reports to reflect their professional image!  You will be given hands-on practice in writing business letters and reports. Attention is focused on correct use of vocabulary, structures and grammar, and on delivering the intended message accurately and getting the desired impact.

5. IELTS Preparation (60 hours). This course is for those wishing to migrate to an English-speaking country and those wishing to go for higher studies overseas. The course equips you with competencies in speaking, listening, reading and writing to achieve a good band grade in IELTS. You will learn how to participate in discussions, understand various English accents, read critically and be able to write discussive and analytical essays.

6. CV Writing and Preparing for Interviews (20 hours). For those wishing to land their dream job, this course prepares you to have a well-written resume and to conduct yourself brilliantly at job interviews. You will be coached to highlight your qualifications, work  experience, job competencies and personal qualities as well as answer tricky interview questions. You will be able to convince the interview panel that you are the best candidate for the job.

7. Customise a course to meet your specific requirements.


Mode of Delivery

We customise programmes and pay individual attention to participant’s unique needs.
Our courses are tightly structured to ensure maximum learning.

Various delivery strategies are employed, as shown below:
  • Face-to-face lectures
  • Interactive group work and simulation
  • Project work
  • Individualized coaching

Arrangements can be made for:
  • Any size class or business groups
  • At your premises or ours
  • Flexi times for busy groups